Jankel's Illustrated World
Of broken eggshells and other seminal phenomena
By: Jankel Jankelbrod

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Thursday, 15-Apr-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sugar magnolia

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They call you tulip tree
and yes, abundant with shy tulips you are
not the flaming flamboyant red ones
not the apricots
the striped
the yellow orangish tulips
but those fair maidenblossomcheek
rosefingered ones
Each spring the highest delight
Sugar magnolia
reminding us of the Grateful Dead

Wednesday, 14-Apr-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Some are more transparent than others

Transparency and invisibilty; unadverted optical effects; Jerry Mouse, first invisible, then powdered with white flour or leaving footsteps in the form of inkblots, and thus detected by Tom's stunning eyes.
Glasspanes, our quite invisible separating membranes between the inside and the world outside. Light wanders through it unhampered, carrying the images of everything we see. But some glass is not so transparant as it seems to be, such as the age old panes I have in my studio. They stem from a time in which the industry could not spread a thin glass sheet absolutely even, and distribute the flowing hot melted sandmass in such a way, that it was equally dense in all spots. When looking through the glass, we see only slight distortions in the image of the outside world, when light passes through such an uneven pane, and is projected on a wall, we detect the playfull clusters and stripes, the material glassgalaxies in the windowpane.

Tuesday, 13-Apr-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Each year at Eastertime, our dear Alsatian friend Eliane brings us an easterlamb. She bakes them herself from a very light kind of pastry, in oldfashioned forms. She gets up early at two o'clock in the morning, to be certain her lambs will be fresh on the eastertable. And she gives them the right sprinkling of powdery sugar, and also binds the symbolic red ribbon around the neck -- symbolic, because it seems to represent the blood of the christian saviour. Everything in culture has its explanations -- and sometimes one topic can be explained completely contrarily from a different point of view. Sometimes such symbolism is token for the utmost truth, and grows so important, that people forget what real life, what happines is meant to be. Alas we are living in times of utter misunderstanding, of brandishing symbols without knowing what they stand for, times of fervent fundamentalistics -- and wars are fought, people's lifes are regulated, in name of this kind of no longer really understood and many times abused symbolism.

Monday, 12-Apr-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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Allways highly interested in bodyscapes, close ups of skin, parts of the human body, in such a way, that they might as well be landscapes, mountains or crevices, no longer really recognizable, and more or less silent guides into dreamland. I tried to paint bodyparts in such a way, but was never really satisfied with the result.
Here I saw the work of karine oertli [ http://waterdrop.fotopages.com/ ], and admired immedeately the high degree of abstraction she attains in depicting her own body, with the use of a digital camera (I can certainly recommend to look at the older pages too). I made a try at it -- not that I could ever claim to have a body that can be compared with the attractivenes of her shapes -- and show here some leg.

Sunday, 11-Apr-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Night and day

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The contrast between our surroundings flooded in sunlight, everything really visible, comfortable, so that we feel at home and the same place, darkened at night, when those benevolent sunrays are kept from us by the earth's surface, thus obscuring our normal world (then, let's not forget it, strictly spoken, we have an eclipse each night). Good, we invented artificial light, but never a spot or a floodlight, or a lamppost, will bring us the feeling of daylight.
To illustrate this effect, I give here some photos to compare. Taken from the window of my studio, and taken at the small square in front of the sous-préfecture.

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