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Of broken eggshells and other seminal phenomena
By: Jankel Jankelbrod

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Thursday, 20-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
One misty morning

cows under groundmist
the first glimpse of morninglight
the reeds at the other side
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Today, ascension day, is traditionally an early rising day -- throw away those warm eiderdowns, a quick breakfast and out we go, enjoying the early morninglight, listening the birdsongs, the deep grunting sounds of the boars and the loud calling of the deer. Watching the purple, blue, yellow spots of the wildflowers between the still dewy grass, and admire the geometrical patterns the ploughman has made. A new sense of outdoorishness overcomes the citydweller -- and many a good intention is formed in slowly awaking heads. (No more drinking... early to bed, early to rise... bad habits in the garbage bin... this is so good, let's do it at least once a week... well, maybe you know?)
And then nature is not so kind as one had hoped -- the thickest of mist everywhere, sunlight (and warmth!) struggling to penetrate the deephanging clouds. But at least a promise of sunlight can be felt.
I tried to catch the early morning feeling, and hope it will be conveyed by these pictures. Some other day, I will show what I actually saw, the moment the glorious sun was victorious.

Wednesday, 19-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Framed in black

as seen from...
the garage
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(text to follow)

Tuesday, 18-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

the lake
blue indigo
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Morninglight -- morningtranquility
Long dark shadows, slowly reclining
No wind, no pollenbreeze
And in the grass
suddenly the violet orchid
the purplish blue of the wild columbine
and the river, slowly, meandering
the mountainrange still misty
the old papermill -- no longer turning out its sheets
and everywhere from the treetops
the gay sound of the golden oriole
and the nightingale's fervent publicityshow
promoting itself
and fending off others
with an imaginary wall of sound
Lovely morning (oh, such a beautiful day)

Monday, 17-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happiness is a warm sun

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Too long this spring stayed cold, overcast, dark and gloomy in the part of France where I live.
Today at last a sunny day -- warm, balmy, shorts, leggy, blousy wetter.
I made a short tour on my bicycle, just down to the river, to catch a bit of happiness for all of you, glistering sun on the tranquil watersurface, green wherever you look, warmth on the skin -- bonheur, that's what the French say, and it were happy moments. The smell of warmed up horses in my nose, the fleeting traffic too far away to be heard, the first humming insects, and that light. Come along with me, just a little stroll, to forget and to get new energy. Here we go...

Sunday, 16-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Simply some orchids

luring overtly
attracting by colour
like a beetle on the flower
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Oh, such tricky cheaters they are, these orchids
I have already stated before that this thing that we call beauty is utterly irrelevant for the plant --
that plants (and animals, come to speak of them!) do not strive for beauty or some form of human macro-esthetics, but only for the most useful form of mimicry -- in this case not to defend themselves against powerful enemies (who should assume that here is not a juicy flower but a bitter or stinging insect), but to attract insects by mimicking their females, in the hope that the males will be so loveblind to enter their calix and copulate with the other bee or bumblebee or fly -- and after all there was no female insect at all, only a stage prop, to induce a lot of trembling and bumbling, and to let a shower of pollen rain on the body of the misled eager male.
Beauty? Well it lays in the eye of the beholder, that insight is good to remember. Beautiful is that, what you yourself deem worth to be called so.
Aren't these orchids not objective beautiful then? Perhaps they are, if so many people say so, I am the last one to contradict.

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